FAQ Page

Q. Can Transformatank be applied using a brush?

A. We do not recommend that Transformatank is applied using a brush as you will see brush strokes in the coating.

Q. What type of roller should I use to apply Transformatank?

A. For best results we recommend using a medium pile roller.

Q. Once applied is it safe to put my fish into the tank?

A. Transformatank is an external coating only.  Once it has been applied it is safe to add your fish to the tank.

Q. Will Transformatank effect my fish?

A. Transformatank is a water-based material.  However, when applying Transformatank, we recommend that it does not come in contact with the inside of your tank.

Q. How much does one tub of Transformatank cover?

A. Transformatank is supplied in 500ml containers, which will cover 2m².